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I've always loved August. Here, summer reflects the color of the august. A little suntan, a little bit of heat, a bit of dried soil... After intense thoughts, you wait for the evening hours to rest, because the weather is cool. Then do you want to leave all the technology behind and be alone with yourself? Maybe if you want to make the tote bag look stunning, maybe you want to sign a colorful stone on a book separator with your favorite character, you should definitely look at the fansells site.This site features great and diverse products, and you can find the product you want for your budget. With recently popular diamond painting products, you can create great designs and use them comfortably in your everyday life.  

First of all, I'd like to share with you a tote bag of my hand labor. I didn't expect the fabric to be so good. One word of it was a product I loved. I haven't started painting diamonds yet. But I want to do it with excitement, and if you want to review the product in detail that I will share with you, you can click on the image and the link to the bee diamond tote bag.

There is a small application paper inside the bag, and colored stones are waiting for you to place them. 

I grew up with the Harry Potter series, and I loved your books. I've never had any major Harry Potter detail products. And since I love books so much, Harry and Hermonie, I prefer a detailed tab. 2 pieces of creative diy diamond painting bookmark leather tassel  tags art,  I loved. Leather construction and shabby possession will prevent wear. It could be a wonderful and meaningful birthday present, couldn't it?

A small pink fastener and a green layer are for your use to secure it when you lift a pen and protective sleeve in each set. This green layer helps you with a perfect finish when placing stones for diamond painting. 

Five pieces diamond painting keyring kits from each other, and I started out right away to paint diamonds. I thought if my hand got used to it, I could move on to other products more precisely. It's been a great source of concentration and motivation for me. I've already finished two of them, and now I'm finishing the third cute kitty.

I even put a hanger on one of them and made them ready for use. You can also attach it to your bag as an accessory or use it as a key ring.
If you have not yet planned a summer activity, you can check out the Fansells site for activities that you can listen to before the whole routine and busy process begins. Every area of labor is very valuable and if you will be very happy with the results that have come to light with you. You can access the site and review the products by clicking on the images or clicking on the links I share with you. These affordable products are delivered to you without any problems. 

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  1. Come sai bene io sono una amante della pittura coi diamanti e questi lavori che hai fatto mi piacciono tantissimo ^_^

  2. oleey, useful info as usual :)

  3. you are so talented lovely handmade productions I don't like August most hot of the year in here best regards

  4. Adorei a publicação. Belas imagens!!
    Gritos desmedidos, de gente, em aflição

    Beijos. Boa terça-feira!

  5. Great post. I love those.


  6. Beautiful items handmade.
    The cats are so cute.

  7. The tote bag is cute and I loved those bookmarks.

  8. Que forma fantástica de ocupar alguns tempos de Verão... desenvolvendo a criatividade, e personalizando objetos de que gostemos! Adorei o seu post, Asli! A mala ficará linda... enaltecendo um dos animais mais importante do mundo! A abelha! Este ano com os incêndios perderam-se muitas colmeias, aqui nas redondezas! Sem a polinização... flores e frutos não nascem... e tudo isso tem um impacto tremendo nas cadeias alimentares!
    Adorei tudo!!! Beijinhos! Continuação de uma feliz semana!

  9. aww.... lovely cats...

    # We start to have good weather on September...

  10. Tudo lindo. A sacola que você fez, os marcadores de livros com Harry e Hermione, e os gatinhos.
    Agosto aqui é um mês de muito vento, pouco calor e alguma chuva.
    O mês que amo é setembro. Beijo, Liliane

  11. Wow, the result is quite fascinating. I am sure that the elements you used helped you very much but it was you good taste in chosing and handiness that contributed in obtaining such a fancy tote bag.

  12. Looks like a fun product! And lovely thoughts on August. 😀

  13. Loving the tote bag. Such a fun thing to get into.

  14. I love August top.It's do beautiful month. Great cats:)

  15. that's a lovely tote bag!
    thank you for sharing
    I hope you have a lovely weekend

    style frontier

  16. So glad you are enjoying the month of August! I love those Harry Potter bookmarks. What a cute way to get creative!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  17. Thanks for this interesting share.

  18. They're amazing, I love the bee tote bag!

  19. Hello!! everything looks great.


  20. Gorgeous and lovely! Thank you for sharing!!

  21. Great items. I love the cats. ❤️

  22. I loved this tote bag 😊

  23. Hepsi çok tatlıymış ya bayıldım! :)
    Ben Türklüğümü belli ediyim :))

  24. Çok şeker hepsi de güle güle kullan ☺️