28 Mayıs 2023 Pazar

Why Should a good VR accessory be?

Are you ready for game enthusiasts, technology researchers? I'm starting to talk about a newly introduced accessory to my post.You remember my writing about the previous VR and accessories. Beyond stepping into the world of Metaverse, we now witness the effects of that world on our lives and the development process very closely.
 These current developments also shorten the emergence process of new technologies. KIWIdesign, which specializes in designing and producing accessories for Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Quest, Rift S and Valve Index, now offers you a new accessory.


 Clip-on headphone compatible with Quest 2/quest pro, which was released very recently; with its great design, it can already be your favorite. Long lasting soft considering the comfort of the user; designed adjustable headphones. Headphones have adjustable angles; so you can adjust it to your ear and prevent your ears from being uncomfortable. It also has an ultra soft clip structure.

With the volume that helps the VR world increase the sense of reality, it offers an excellent experience for the VR player. Headphones are set to provide a complex and immersive sound environment with a wide dynamic range. In addition to a great sound experience, the sound is transmitted directly to your ears to prevent sound leakage from the headphones to the environment. Thus, anyone around you will not be disturbed.


For the headphones to fit perfectly, you can customize the position according to your request with 14° rotation angles, 147° adjustable angles and 25 mm scrolling distance. It is also compatible with Quest 2 and Quest Pro. The innovative and modern clip-on design easily solves your headset needs. 

Designed with a modern and innovative approach, headphones offer comfort to users. You can visit the KiwiDesign site, which has an understanding of the comfortable use and user needs you are looking for in VR accessories, and examine the products.


With its affordable, quality and long-lasting products, it will definitely help you make your difference in the VR world.

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  1. Sanal gerçeklik aksesuarları Türkiye’de çok pahalı dolar düşse keşke de satın alabilsek, metaverse dünyasına adım atmayı dilerdim

  2. Kulaklıklar, kulakları rahatsız etmeyecek şekilde gibi gözüküyor hoş bir tasarım

  3. Very interesting, thanks for sharing

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  5. Beautiful headphone.
    Have a nice week.

  6. when you use this earpbone for a long time, do your ears hurt?

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  8. They look great. Thanks for sharing!


  9. It looks a great product.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Çok güzel bir tasarımı var, çok başarılı bir ürün...

  11. Mais uma partilha bem interessante! Parecem excelentes!
    Gostei de ficar a conhecer mais uma boa opção de fones!

  12. the headphone seems like a perfect choice for a great experience using VR