31 Mayıs 2023 Çarşamba

Why is important to use photochromic glasses?


The summer season has come, right? Although those burning temperatures of the sun show themselves in the city where I live, spring weather still prevails. But it is almost difficult to go out without getting overwhelmed at noon. In addition, if you have photosensitive eyes thanks to dry eye discomfort like me...As such, I must say that they are indispensable as someone who uses sunglasses without saying summer winter. 
While protecting my eyes against light, I prefer sunglasses styles that are designed to take into account their sensitivity and protect them from the wind even in the winter season. But while examining the best glasses or summer sunglasses models, photochromic sunglasses caught my attention.  

   Photochromic sunglasses darken spontaneously in the presence of sunlight and are often referred to as transit eyeglass or transit glasses. In other words, while the glasses are more transparent indoors, they become dark in the outdoor.

The main advantage of photochromic glasses is their versatility. People who wear these lenses actually have a pair of glasses and a pair of sunglasses fitted with a single frame.

If you often have to spend time outdoors during the day or drive too many cars at night; your eyes are sensitive to light and if you want to be protected from the sun 
photochromic lenses can be a good choice. If you like the comfort of packaged glasses and sunglasses in a single frame set, you can check the glasses models I chose for you.

You can examine the site with a wide variety of products and affordable glasses.

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  1. thanx :) right, summer is coming :)

  2. i'm looking for new spec... my fav is aviator

  3. I wear glasses since I was a kid.. I find it funny that this large frames are really top these days.. when I was a kid...they were not fashionable :))).
    But I like them :)

  4. Great tips.
    Beautiful glasses.

  5. I love the glasses you show us today 🤗
    A hug

  6. Die Brillen gefallen mir sehr. Danke fürs Zeigen!

  7. Hello, Summer! I am glad that President Erdogan won the elections in your country

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment but I'm wondering why glad?

  8. I use eyeglasses during summer....
    thank you to let me know about this kind of product

  9. Deve-se de proteger sempre a vista
    Felizes das Crianças...
    Beijo, e um excelente dia!

  10. It is really important to protect your eyes from sunlight.
    Beautiful models of glasses.
    Thanks for sharing

  11. Eu uso óculos escuros todo o ano! Proteger a vista o mais possível, é fundamental!
    Excelente sugestão! Espreitarei o endereço sugerido!

  12. Yes, I heard about these glasses.

  13. love the design, it looks so pretty

  14. Beautiful glasses. Thanks for sharing.


  15. our eyes are an incredible asset. so protect them as good as you can