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Do you feel the summer temperatures? June sends a warmth to the reminder that the summer season comes at once. I love the summer season even if we have to turn to closed and air-conditioned areas due to the sun, albeit hot. 
I actually like spending time in my house. Game controller are my new favorite, except for daily routines. The technological wonder of reaching this fun world from anywhere you wish without being caught up in terms of your eye health and body health is incredible. Today I will tell you about game controller that affect the world. 
Mytrix is a brand you should definitely review with its very sweet variety of game controllers and other computer accessories.  The brand's main goal is to offer customers a unique and innovative lifestyle experience through the latest technology, while promoting digital innovation.In this article, I want to start by talking about Nintendo Switch first.

Nintendo switch, a game console that is available both in television and portable in hybrid shape; brought a new excitement to the game world. You can use it as a fixed game console and connect it to a tablet to make it a portable game console.  This innovation brought to the Nintendo Switch game world has undergone updates in an innovative way to the needs of the user today. You can examine the models I chose for you from the Mytrix online site in detail.

Definitely my favorite design and color Mytrix peachie- nintendo switch for Joypad the Oled and Switch Lite.If someone bought me such a gift on my birthday, I would be happy. It is designed to be happy, smiling and energetic, as well as playing with multiple players. You can use it as two separate controls in Joy-Con supported games. You don't have to wait any longer to make a game night

In some games we want to feel reality better. For a game like Super Mario Odyssey, for example, it has adjustable vibration to feel the gaming experience at the highest level 
Mytrix Berry The Pink Bear Wireless Switch Pro Controller With Macro Definition For Nintendo Switch, The Newest Switch OLED, And Switch Lite has a built-in dual engine with 4 levels of adjustable vibration intensity that enhances the gaming experience. You can also pair the 3.5mm Voice headphone jack with any wired headset and communicate with your teammates without delay during the game. In its design, macro buttons make the original complex game process easier and more comfortable.

This cute design Mytrix Brownie - JoyPad For Nintendo Switch, The Newest Switch OLED, And Switch Lite; It can be played wirelessly as Remote pro controls and left/you can play right separately but it works as a single controller. There are macro programmable buttons on both sides of the controller. There are additionally adjustable turbo and vibration functions. The ergonomic structure of the design provides comfortable work during the long-term game. And also this gaming controller has a four mode; handle mode, pro controller mode, detached mode, as two solo horizontal grips

The Legend of Zelda series created by Nintendo was first released in 1986 and has become quite iconic in the game world. Series; It offers action-role-playing games that include adventure, discovery and puzzle solving. Zelda games are visually fascinating and such that you don't want to leave when you open the doors of that fascinating world. Today, the new game of the Zelda series, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom, has been released for the Nintendo Switch. The game, which has a special place for game enthusiasts, already has an incredible review score. 
You can examine the Mytrix site and products in detail to continue this great game with visuality, sound quality and adventures without interruption. You can also make a great surprise to your loved ones while the father's day discount is still ongoing.

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  1. So cute items, loved this post ; always sharing imazing post 😊

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  3. I never had one of these... But they look so cute :D

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  5. Bellissimi questi controller Nintendo

  6. It is a very interesting design.
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  8. I used to play console games with my boys when they were young. Now I play games on my smartphone.

  9. Olá, que lindos aparelhos de videogames, fiquei encantada com a fofura de cada um deles!! Eu não tenho jogos ou sei jogar mas fiquei tão tentada a obter um desses modelos e começar a praticar! Adorei!
    Desejo uma semana maravilhosa!! :))))