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Are your gifts ready? I'm talking about your father's day gift. If you still haven't received a gift, maybe I can offer you a suggestion. Instead of perfume, shirt, jacket or shoes, a good headset will both surprise and make him happy. The place of technological products in our lives is undeniable. Instead of staying away from our phone in the office, at home, on vacation or while doing sports, we can be within a headphone distance.

 I've shared my suggestions about SoundPeats earbuds before. SoundPeats earbuds that bring that music I listened to even when I wrote this article. However, as a Father's day suggestion, the RunFree Lite-Bluetooth Air Conduction Sport Headphones that I will tell you in this article are slightly different from the other two earbuds.  With its design and comfortable use, you can focus on yourself completely without the feeling that it can fall from your ears.

SOUNDPEATS RunFree Lite are air conductive headphones, unlike traditional ears specially designed for sports.  During sports, you can focus freely without your movements being restricted and problems such as falling loss. The sound quality of the headphones is quite strong and has a 17-hour battery life. You can easily be motivated by your sport or daily routine without the need for charging. In addition, the eared people have a design that respects your privacy while minimizing the sound leak while preventing people from being disturbed by the surrounding area. I should state that the ears are very light. It has only 28 g of agility. You can use it comfortably throughout the day without your ears hurt. 

The RunFree Lite Bluetooth 5.3 headphone can match 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time and is designed to easily switch between two paired devices to respond to incoming calls while watching movies on the PC with a simple click on the headphone. The comfort of users was considered not only during sports but also in that hustle and bustle in your life. Headphones are waterproof and sweat resistant. This feature has made it an excellent companion for users in running, cycling, yoga, or tracking. The neckband of the RunFree Lite sports headphone provides a safe fit for every sport, flexible and adjustable. 

You can think and buy this headphone as a father's day gift. But I think one is taken for yourself. It has a very affordable price according to the market's peer values, it is also high quality and high technology.   You can examine the links that I left for you in detail. Also use for the US Amazon; discount code"SPRFLOFF"

 TR Amazon link to shop from Turkey also share with you.  If you are looking for motivation to be able to play sports in that energetic mood of the summer season, this headphone will help you :)

TR Amazon:    https://bit.ly/RunFreeLiteTR   ( June 5th -19th  /  ₺413.02    )
US Amazon:     https://bit.ly/RunFreeLiteUS   ( June /  $27  /10% code: SPRFLOFF )

SOUNDPEATS Office:  https://bit.ly/RunFreeLite-Official

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  1. I added for my gift list 😊

  2. Very useful for the sport , thanks for your sharing with us; I’ll check this site

  3. Estou evoluindo bem com a Conjuntivite. Após uso do Colírio.
    Já escrevi que não uso Fone de Ouvido. Na Academia a maioria usam de vários modelos. Tenho impressão que esses modelos nem cabem no meu ouvido.
    Perguntei para você sobre a reeleição do Presidente da Turkia. Foi uma boa escolha, na sua opinião?
    Beijo, Liliane

    1. Achamos que é uma boa escolha para a Europa, não para a Turquia, 15 milhões de imigrantes estão na Turquia.

  4. Gracias por la recomendación. Soy bastante de escuchar música en unos buenos auriculares. Saludos desde España!

  5. simple and pretty product.... love it

  6. un bel suggerimento, ma in Italia la festa del papà è il 19 marzo!

  7. It looks like an excellent product.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thanks for sharing
    An interesting product.
    A hug

  9. Looks like a great product.
    Happy Tuesday!

  10. Very interesting, thanks for sharing

  11. I have socks for my father :D Heh.

  12. This would definitely be a really great gift! Thanks for the idea!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  13. very good advice thanx :) düşmeyen kulaklık hihihi :)

  14. I need some kind of this headphone:)

  15. I prefer this to any sort of perfume :)))).
    And they look great,
    Hugs :)

  16. Dicas incríveis para presentear! Adorei!
    Lindo feriado!!

  17. I use head headphones a lot and I love them, I mean the old type, those that I can remove from my ears and I don't lose, like it happens to me very often with the earbuds. The headphones you are describing here are an interesting compromise, entirely wireless but with less risk of loosing them. I will keep them in mind for my next shopping spree 😜

  18. Da noi la festa del papà è stata il 19 marzo.
    Belli questi auricolari, molto pratici

  19. ¡Hola preciosa!
    Se ven geniales.

    ❀ Fantasy Violet ❀
    Besotes! 💋💋

  20. Thank you so much Camdandusler! I'm so happy that you liked my outfit with the pletaed skirt and pastel yellow pullover :) I've got more to share, can't wait to show you ;) Kss

    ♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥

  21. that's cool👍👍👍 but i still use earphone til today😁

  22. I don't have any ideas yet. My father don't use headphones.

  23. Dolar Türkiye de şu sıra çok yüksek o yüzden keske Amazon Tr için de indirim olsa ; teşekkürler paylaşım için